While we don’t like to kiss and tell, we do like talking about our great results. Here are some of our most recent successes that give us bragging rights:

Technology Saas Startup

  • Increased email conversions by 45% with launch of a new, educational, lead nurturing email series
  • Increased Facebook campaign lead conversions by 100% within eight-weeks while simultaneously reducing ad spend by 35%.
  • Increased customer retention 35% by strategizing, writing and executing email communications series for existing clients 

Prominent Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

  • Increased doctors margins by over 30% by focusing on procedures that gave his practice the highest margins and positioned him as an expert for that specific procedure. 
  • Reduced Google PPC cost per acquisition by almost half, while doubling the conversions and leads.  
  • Grew social media following by 10% by implementing effective social media, Instagram and #hashtag strategy.
  • Negotiated print campaign with over 50% savings and included back cover and email campaigns to draw in over 50 new patients in 2 months.

Fashion Startup

  • Secured several high-profile influencers to represent new fashion site and handled all contracts, campaign deliverables and event activation to garnish over 1 million impressions in first month.